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Transform life's wounds into a tool for personal transformation and purposeful service.



A 3-Month Online Immersion



Sometimes, even the most wild, empowered, and free need support. Guidance. Techniques and strategies to support themselves and those they love.  

Perhaps you know you have unresolved traumatic experiences, and you want to finally open the closet and do the work to free yourself of their influence. Maybe you are going through deep grief from love lost. Or are ready for a major life transition and need some clarity and support. 

Maybe you feel (like many humans do) that you’ve lost your true path – allowing yourself to be dragged around by outside forces and have started to lose your spark, your confidence, your sense of Self. Lost in the chaos. Lost without a clear direction of where to go from here or how to manage your life in a way that is fulfilling.

Or perhaps you are just ready to confront the shadow and transform shame into radical self love. You are a leader - used to holding, being strong, and making sacrifices for those around you. It’s time for YOU to be held. To fill yourself up. To finally have the philosophical blueprint and tribe of support to shed the layers that are ready to fall.

If any of this at all sounds like you, then the good news is…

You have a tribe waiting to support you.

You are not alone in experiencing these feelings and these struggles. Many strong, empowered “souls-on-fire” feel the way you do now. They have the same fears, mental blocks, and anxieties about the past, present, and future. (And together we can heal more fully – remember that)

Here’s more good news. You can start off 2018 with the support, advice, and soul work you need to:

  • Take charge of your life with greater clarity – especially if you’ve been feeling disoriented or are living in a state of chaos

  • Transform your habits and thoughts, so you see yourself with greater compassion and understanding

  • Get more of what you want in your life – whether that’s more love, more abundance, more self-confidence, more clarity on your purpose, or to ground back into your sense of Self.

  • Confront and begin the process of finding gratitude for past trauma – from your childhood or elsewhere – that’s holding you back and holding you down

  • Free yourself from some of your deepest fears – whether it is a fear of loneliness, fear of pain, fear that you are unable to let go, or that the heartbreak you have now won’t shift. 

How is this possible? Because we’ve created a course made just for women like you: a course that helps you gain more control of your life...confront the demons in the closet...navigate smoothly through the turning points you are going through...and joyfully welcome the new year with clarity, confidence, tribe and renewed commitment to your spiritual path.


Introducing: the 3 Month Pain to Purpose Masterclass with Adi Shakti – An intensive look at the Self.


I'm Adi Shakti

In the last few years - I have started my own six-figure yoga company in the heart of the jungle on the Caribbean Sea and trained hundreds of yoga teachers. Started a non-profit organization whose focus is currently raising money for human trafficking victims in Kolkata, India. Opened a community center for the indigenous people in our region of Costa Rica. Traveled back and forth to India seven times and started construction on our off-grid house in Costa Rica. Celebrated 10 years of togetherness with my partner (I've had to dig deepest here - conscious relationship is a trip!). Produced a documentary film (The Conscious Art of the Hustle). Collaborated on opening a permaculture - conscious community - farm to table retreat center + training facility (you are always welcome!). And have cried many, many nights on the floor.

Confronting my shadow. Moving through my pain. Doing my own deep work. And making sh*t happen.

I'm known for being pretty controversial. I talk sex. And money. I'm pretty fiery and don't have much patience for the closed minded.

People either love me... or well... how do I put this...

I'm like a mama bear. And I'll fight for and protect the f*ck out of what is sacred to me. You are sacred to me.

I want the chance to know and love you. I want to see you. I want you to see me. I want us to go on this journey together.

Adi Shakti a wise, fierce soul with a passion for service and teaching what she believes in. It is an honor to have trained with her, I have learned more than I ever imagined.
— Aris Alexandra, Live Be Yoga Journal Ambassador
Adi Shakti channels Divine Wisdom through a powerful, distinct portal of communication that truly transforms knowledge into understanding.
— Usha Anandi, Creatrix of Womben Wellness
Adi is unapologetically vulnerable and there is no quality more effective than this in a teacher.
— Sierra Frost
Adi Shakti’s words and teachings cut straight to the core. Her strength and compassion is potent medicine for all who are listening.
— Danie Love

The Pain to Purpose MasterClass with Adi Shakti

This course is hands-on and practical. Years of planning, self study, and connecting with the fears and resistances of women like you have gone into creating the course, so you can be sure it’s packed with empowering, actionable lessons that you can put to use immediately.

It is a 3 month online course designed to bring you from confronting your pain to awakening clarity around your purpose.

SO WHAT’S IN THE Pain to Purpose MasterClass?


The Pain to Purpose MasterClass is made up of 6 core modules (more on that in a second!) which will give you the building blocks you need to deepen your understanding of the spiritual path through Yoga, Shadow Work, and Conscious Leadership to support deep transformation in your life - and in the lives of those you serve.

Each module (2 per month), you’ll spend between 3 - 15 hours watching pre-recorded videos, completing exercises in your journal, doing yogic practices, recommended reading and participating in live calls. So the time investment you’ll need for the course isn’t excessive! You will decide how deep you go into the  course material.

All of the information will be sent directly to your email. You will have access to the Online Dashboard - and your progress will be tracked there. Super easy.

The Pain to Purpose MasterClass also comes with some nice bonuses, so keep reading.

Adi’s giant heart and drive to do good work in the world have taken her unimaginable places inside and out. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this dynamic, strong, centered woman. She will certainly continue to take the world in her loving arms and transform it.
— Bhakti White, Shambhavanda Senior Teacher

What's Included in Each Module?

Educational and inspiring video lectures with me. We explore practical yogic philosophy and techniques, and learn to apply them to real, raw and crucial life lessons. I'll talk my marriage. My struggles with growth as an entrepreneur. My grief. My doubt. My life. a way that I have never shared before.


Live video seminars guided by yours truly. I will hold the space, share my own stories, and invite you to be seen in your vulnerability. As we work through the course material - it is your opportunity to share. To explore what intimacy means. To finally allow yourself to be held by a tribe of sisters hungry to be known in their own human experience. We go deep in these sessions. They are the next best thing to being at one of our Live trainings here in Costa Rica.   

LifeGuides. These pdf LifeGuides are maps for you as you journal, track measurable progress with the course material, and explore 'svadyaya' or self study. These guides are your at home coursework, and they are designed to challenge you personally, spiritually, professionally and otherwise - depending on the Module. 


Access to our private Online Community. Only those who are currently enrolled or have completed a Passion Yoga Intensive are invited here. This is your place to share resources, ask questions, and get support directly from our team.

Recommended readings. I'll share my library with you. With each Module - I will suggest readings from enlightened masters and thought leaders which have supported me in my own journey inward and upward. I highly recommend that you dive into these texts as a complement to the course work - but it is totally optional to buy and read the books.


What's in the course?


Module 1: The Past - Unveiling the Wisdom of our Wounds

We dive right in with our first Module. We are looking at our relationship to our mother and father. We are looking at how we were taught to 'love', where we weren't loved unconditionally as children, and we start to take responsibility for our core beliefs as they were imprinted onto us. We re-examine our mental and behavioral patterning and conditioning, and we take conscious steps to choose how we want to move forward. Without awareness of how our past is affecting us now - it is extremely difficult to shift its power in our lives. And of course - we will look to the yogic philosophy for guidance, support, and inspiration as we explore this sometimes heartbreaking but ultimately liberating work. 


Module 2: The Body - Feeling the Portal from Physical to Mystical

We take a look at our doorway to the spiritual super highway. Without a healthy, flexible, strong, and balanced physical body - it is more difficult to move into healing the more mystical elements of the self. We will learn how to identify your unique body constitution from an Ayurveda perspective and look at how we can adjust our lifestyle to optimize wellness. We will explore movement as a mechanism for developing stillness, and we will learn how our physical bodies carry the stories of our ancestors. Through the body - we heal generations. This module goes deep! 

Just as poetry uses words to go beyond language, yoga uses the body to go beyond form
— J. Bowman


Module 3: The Mind - Knowing Freedom through Simplicity + Discipline

In this Module, we begin to observe the mind. With the foundation of a healthy body, we are able to explore the subtleties of a meditation practice. We will use Patanjali's yoga sutras as the guide to moving into deeper states of stillness in the mind. You will have Lifestyle homework - where you will be invited to 'clean house' both externally and internally to invite more silence and stillness into your daily living. We will explore a variety of practices for beginners to more advanced meditators and commit to a meditation log. We will learn to integrate the philosophy and explore how to move towards purifying the layers of mind. 


Module 4: The Heart - Unlocking the Secrets of the Emotional Body

In this Module, we dive deeply into Yogic anatomy and start to explore the wisdom of our nervous system as our gateway to the divine. We will learn about emotional intelligence, where emotions show up in our energetic centers, and we will explore what it means to commit to emotional freedom. You will learn techniques for moving emotional energy as it surfaces in your system, and we will discuss how we can use the wisdom of our emotional body as a guide for profound spiritual work and opening. Our minds become tools for manifesting the call of the heart, rather than the mind working so very hard to silence the emotional system. A powerful Module.


Module 5: The Other - Inviting in Deep Radical Intimacy

Yoga is union. The underlying principle of the philosophy is that we are all essentially one. The experience of 'the other' is rich in reflective teachings.  It shows us where we deny ourselves, how we perpetuate patterns that keep us in a state of suffering, and where we can open to more forgiveness, healing, and unconditional love. Through meaningful sex, conscious communication, honoring our own emotional wisdom, and supporting the other's freedom - we unlock the greatest of teachings. We will explore techniques for profound authentic relationship - whether that be with intimate lovers, friends, family, or those we serve.


Module 6: The Path - Transforming Passion to Purpose 

With a deep connection and love of self comes the natural ability to serve at a phenomenal capacity. Whether that be through consciously raising our children, holding space for our families, friends and others, or starting non-profit organizations that touch millions. To be of service is an opportunity to experience the divine, and we will dive into our calling and how to most meaningfully manifest it. We will look at the mystical side of gaining clarity around our purpose as well as the practical side of conscious business, social activism, and showing up as warriors for peace. 

The Schedule

Module 1 Opens: April 1, 2018

Module 2 Opens: April 15, 2018

Module 3 Opens: May 1, 2018

Module 4 Opens: May 15, 2018

Module 5 Opens: June 1, 2018

Module 6 Opens: June 15, 2018

And - yes - you have LifeTime Access to the Course once all Modules have been released.

Live call-in seminars will be held the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. Replays will be available. 

I'll take a survey once everyone enrolls. Whatever time is best for everyone on Saturdays goes.

The calls will be between 9a and 3p California Time.

Note: We have had people take our online courses without being able to participate in the live calls. While it is not ideal, it is completely possible to experience profound growth without participating live. You will just need to supplement by being more active in the Facebook community (including the option of video sharing your experience) and watching replays.

When you sign up today - you'll also get these bonuses

(designed to support you in your pain to purpose journey)


A $300 credit towards a Yoga Teacher Training (at the 200 hour, 300 hour, and Pre-Natal levels) with Passion Yoga School in Costa Rica through 2019. This course is ideal if you are thinking of joining us in the future but are unable to right now. This course is the next best thing.

LifeTime Access to the Emotional Release Summit. This is an Online Conference of 20+ Experts on emotional release and wellness. These recordings are always available to you once you register for this course.

Instant Access to 7 Days to Bliss: An at Home Retreat with Adi Shakti. This is an entire program in itself - which includes 7 full length yoga classes, philosophy lectures + a complete vegan meal plan.

When I listen to teachings by Adi, I find something of value that I can apply in my own life. Her messages are direct, accessible and supportive.
— Cassie Pope

What my students say...


One time payment of $597 or 3 monthly payments of $217

And yes, you get LifeTime Access to the Course Material.

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Our money back guarantee.


We want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. In order to qualify for a refund you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and you did not benefit from it. To get a refund, you just need to attend and participate in all 6 Live Webinars and complete the LifeGuide for Modules 1-3. 



This course ISN'T for you if...


This program is not for people who are only interested in the physical layers of yoga. It is not for people who want to stay the same. It isn’t for people who don’t want to look at their wounds, their sexuality, or take full responsibility for how they show up in the world.

This course isn’t for victims - this class is for survivors. 

So next time you come to me with any problem, just first inquire inside whether you would like it to be solved, because be aware: I can give a solution. Are you really interested in solving it or just talking about it?

Questions we get asked a lot (FAQs)

What is Pain to Purpose MasterClass with Adi Shakti? It is a 3 month online course that is designed to support you in transforming the pain of this human experience into clarity around your life’s purpose.

I’m different - my pain isn’t like everyone else’s. My story is really painful. Is this for me? We have heard this SO many times. From domestic violence to sexual abuse - we have had the honor of sitting with seekers going through all of it. I challenge you to consider that your belief that you are somehow ‘different’ is actually what is perpetuating your suffering. We are in this together. Depth leads to wisdom. We are here to confront all of it.

How do I enroll and register? That’s easy! Click here.

Once I register for the online course, what happens next?  We start the course on April 1. You will receive an email on March 30 with an access code to the Online Dashboard.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to continue the course? You can see our Cancellation Policy here.

What kind of previous experience should I have for this online course? Previous experience isn’t necessary. An open mind and hungry heart? Those are very very necessary. 

What do I do if I need technical assistance? You email Lydia at

How do I get access to the course materials? We have a super savvy easy-to-use online platform for the course. Once you pay - you will get immediate access to the dashboard. Just check your email.

How much does the course cost? The course is either one payment of $597 or 3 payments of $216. We charge your card automatically each month.

When do I have to pay? You must sign up by the time enrollment closes. If you choose the 3 month payment option - you will be automatically charged the first of the month each month. 

What are acceptable payment methods? We accept all major credit cards through our secure online server. 

Is there a class outline (syllabus)? Of course ! Get those details here

What do I do if I have questions? Email Lydia at

How much time will be involved in lectures? Plan for about an hour for the lecture itself and an hour for the seminar. But the juice is in the rest of the work...

How much time will be involved in homework? You could spend anywhere from 3-15 hours. This is really up to you and how deep you want go with the work.

Will webinars be at a specific time? Yes - they will be the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Replays will be available. Adi will send a survey once everyone is enrolled to see what time is best for everyone.

What if I can’t start the class on the date it’s scheduled to begin? That’s okay! You have Lifetime Access to the program  We do recommend doing the course as it is released, as this is your way to be held accountable and access the Live Calls.

How is Pain to Purpose different than your live teacher trainings in Costa Rica? Nothing is like being physically heart to heart, staring at the stars, eating together, growing together, crying together, practicing together. We go deep in Pain to Purpose - that is for sure. But - being together in Costa Rica is the next level. Also - this course doesn’t include teaching techniques, methodology, practice teaching - or all of the other beautiful components that come with Teacher Training. You can visit for more information.

What kind of support do you offer for students? Our office hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 9-2, and this is when we respond to emails. We also monitor the Facebook group during that time. Adi is available 100% during the live seminars to offer guidance and support. 

What are the dates? Class starts April 1 and finishes at the end of June  Modules will be released every 2 weeks from April 1 to June 15. After June 15,  you will have lifetime access to all of the modules.

What’s not covered in the program? In our live programs - we cover teaching methodology, details of each posture, and other technical pieces that are involved in being a yoga teacher. This course is great if you are looking for the opportunity to deepen your own spiritual practice and gain skills to serve more effectively in the world. If you want Teacher Training - you have to come to Costa Rica! More details here.

Who is right for Pain to Purpose MasterClass with Adi Shakti? This class is for spiritual seekers and teachers who are looking for a blueprint to dive inward and upward. This is for people who are willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of their own transformation - who want to open the closet of the subconscious mind. This course is designed to serve you deeply - but to also enhance your capacity to being of deeper service to those in your own sphere of influence. Your family. Your students. Your co-workers. Your community.

Who’s not right for this program? This program is not for people who are only interested in the physical layers of yoga. It is not for people who want to stay the same. It isn’t for people who don’t want to look at their wounds, their sexuality, or take full responsibility for how they show up in the world. This course isn’t for victims - this class is for survivors. 

Is Pain to Purpose MasterClass with Adi Shakti just for women? Of course not! We welcome our brothers with open arms and hearts. If you are a man wanting to do this course - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Know that it will be mostly women, and you will play an important role of holding and protecting the women as they open. And we will love you as you open, too!

Do you offer scholarships? We offer payment plans, but not full scholarships. Please email with your situation if you believe it warrants support.

Do you offer a guarantee — can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied? Yes! You can see full guarantee details here. You must actually show up. If you show up fully, and it still isn’t for you - we will give you your money back.

What if I’m new to yoga and spiritual work? Welcome to the family. :) This course goes deep - but beginners are absolutely welcome. Be easy with yourself, take things slowly, and reach out for support as you need it. Thank you thank you thank you for starting this journey with us. 

Will I speak with or get feedback directly from Adi Shakti? Adi will be available to answer your questions and give you support during the Live Seminars. 

When is the next session of Pain to Purpose MasterClass with Adi Shakti? We aren’t sure when or if we will host this program again. Now is the time to take the leap if the calling is there. 

How do I learn more about your live events in Costa Rica? You can learn more about all of our trainings at the Passion Yoga School website.

What if I have another question not listed here? Please email us at